More Than 150 People Protesting Arrested In London. See Why

London Police arrested about 150 protested

According to the reports, over 150 people protesting against England’s coronavirus lockdown and vaccines arrested by London police.

The lockdown in England is to prevent the spread of the virus and the Metropolitan Police said that the arrests were for breaking coronavirus regulations.

Protesters who break the rules assault a police officer and various drug offenses, that’s why they got arrested, the lockdown in England, which bars mass gatherings, is scheduled to end on Dec. 2, when some rules will be relaxed.

London police officers standby and line up along several streets in central London’s West End shopping district and confronted protesters in St. James’s Park, near Westminster.

Meanwhile anti-lockdown protesters were joined by groups demonstrating against vaccines, report says.

They matched along Oxford and Regent streets, ignoring requests to disperse, and scuffled with the police as bottles and smoke bombs were thrown, although the current lockdown is ending by next week, while another set of rules is going to be announced on Thursday.

This will divide England into three tiers of restrictions. Bars and restaurants will differ drastically from place to place and it going to depend on the government’s assessment of the local threat posed by the virus and more than 23 million people who live in the most restricted tier still face a ban .

And the shops, gyms and hair salons are being allowed to reopen, and religious services, weddings and outdoor sports to restart. Retailers will have a chance to open during the lucrative Christmas shopping season.

However, England Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on relaxing rules on social mixing to allow up to three households to gather together for Dec, 22-27 in order to celebrate Christmas.

The major issues is that, health experts warn this is likely to cause a spike in infections.

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