MUSIC: Simi Releases New Song – No Longer Beneficial

Simi Releases New Song – No Longer Beneficial

The Nigeria star Simi drop ‘No Longer Beneficial’ show an exciting song that bring out the sophisticated and sultry future R&B with vibrant Afrobeats.

Simi said, “Before I got my break in the industry, I had so many moments of uncertainty. I was bursting with all this creativity and I was almost desperate for someone to bank on it. So I channelled my energy into the first Restless EP. “Restless”, because it was how I felt. Thankfully, I made it to the other side.

Artist: Simi

Song Title: No Longer Beneficial

Genre: Afro&B

Album: Restless EP

Date of release: September 18, 2020

Label: Platoon

Producer: BlaiseBeatz

Listen to enjoy the song below:

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