Must Read: An Hausa man Steals And Slaughter People’s Goats In Ilorin

An Hausa man was caught inside an uncompleted building slaughtering goats on Wednesday afternoon around Saboke area in Ilorin, Kwara State.

The witness was shocked when he met the Hausa man, while he went inside the uncompleted building to defecate,
both of them saw each other and the guy couldn’t do anything else than to go out and alert the neighbors staying around the area, all their effort to nabbed the Hausa man was futile as the Hausa man have already took to his heels.

The neighbors and the community leaders went there, on getting to where the incident happened they saw a lot of goats, the Hausa man man had killed, but only the bones were found inside the uncompleted building.

According to the information we gather, a similar case happened two weeks before this recent case occurred. Reportedly, people have been stealing goats in the neighborhood every night, the stolen goats are then sold to Hausa man that sell suya in the night.

The community leaders report a case against him to the police and a search was launched for the Hausa man who is yet to be found.

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