Must Read: See What Sheikh Gumi Tell Buhari About Fulani Bandits

According to the violence happening in Nigeria concerning the Fulani bandits, the renowned Islamic scholar, Ahmed Muhammad Gumi has at this moment come out to urged the federal and state governments to find a solution to the ongoing vicious act and grant amnesty to the repentant bandits.

Negotiate with them to stop all this vicious act. There would be serious bloodshed and merciless killings if the government didn’t find solution and security agencies continue to engage the bandits on operation fire-to-fire.

Sheikh Gumi addresses the newsmen at the Government House’s chamber in Gusau, the state capital, as Gumi explained that the late President Musa Yar’Adua granted amnesty to militants in the South-South zone.

Late President went the extra mile to create the ministry of Niger Delta Affairs that Sheikh Gumi said calmed down the tensed situation during that time.

Therefore, negotiate is the best option in the situation like this to solve the conflict resolution. The militants’ grievances in the South-South were settled through negotiations and is best if President Buhari can borrow from that ideology to stop terror attacks in his government, Sheikh Gumi said.

He added that most of the heinous crimes in Nigeria are being perpetrated by unemployed youths who have no other means of survival for several years.

Gumi who visited some of the bandit’s dens and hideouts in Zamfara State explained that the Fulani unrepentant bandits tabled down their atrocity which they said have not been addressed state government.

He added that the Fulani unrepentant bandits demanded justice in dealing with the Fulani people, saying that both the security agencies and the outlawed Yansakai members have classified the Fulani people as third-class citizens a country that belongs to everybody.

A lot is happening in Nigeria that needs to look and rectify for the nation to be back in the right position. Therefore, Gumi called on the state government to ensure judicious distribution of any right that belongs to Fulani people in the state, stressing that hijacking their rights will only aggravate the already existing tension in the state.

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