Namibian Government: Elephant Dung Does Not Cure Covid-19

Elephant dung people use for Covid-19 in Namibian

As the Covid-19 spreading and while there is no vaccine yet, report claim that some people in Namibian took Elephant dung for vaccine.

Namibian authorities have warned people not to use elephant dung as a cure for Covid-19.

The spokesman for department of environment, forestry and tourism in Namibian, Romeo Muyunda, explained that the government was aware of the increased demand for elephant dung which is now being sold on social media.

“We have seen on social media people selling elephant dung for exorbitant prices. There is a whole hype around it. Before, it wasn’t even sold. It was used domestically by people for certain illnesses as one of those traditional medicines. If it was sold, it was rare,” he said.

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