Nigeria: Coronavirus Infection Cases Passed 65,000 In The Country

Since the coronavirus pandemic hits the world, Nigeria is one of the country that maintain the infection cases in the world.

The cases have been dropping below 300 for some times and the deaths is low, while the number of discharged people is high also.

However, the number of coronavirus infected persons in Nigeria has surpassed 65,000, amidst concerns over the imminence of a second wave.

Nigeria recorded 152 new cases on Sunday, bringing the total cases in the country to 65,148, according to NCDC reports.

Deaths toll is low, as the total number remain the same figure with 1,125 after no death was recorded in the last 24 hours.

For some weeks now, the new infection have increased, with the data reports. The recoveries really improved, out of 65,000 cases, 61,073 persons have been discharged from hospital, and 4,000 cases still remain in the country.

The 152 new cases were reported from eight states – Lagos (136), Kano (4), Niger (3), Ekiti (2), Kaduna (2), Ogun (2), Taraba (2) and FCT (1).

Lagos, Nigeria’s coronavirus epicentre with over 22,000 infections, led in Sunday’s tally with 136 new cases.

Over 700,000 of Nigeria’s 200 million people have been tested so far for the virus.

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