Nigeria Labour Congress Threatens Strike Over Increase Of Petrol Price

According to the recent situation in the country, as petrol price increased again after Labour Union lament over the first hike in petrol price.

Ayuba Wabba, NLC president said in a statement that the union would not accept such arbitrary increases in the petrol price.

Labour Congress has now asked the Nigerian government to revert to the old pump price of N158 petrol or face indefinite strike from workers.

According to the statement, the increase has also cast in a very bad light organised labour’s utmost good faith with regards to government explanations that it lacks funds to continue bankrolling the so-called subsidy payments.

“Nigerians cannot be made to bleed endlessly, for the failures of successive governments, to properly manage our refineries, ensure value for money for the numerous turnaround maintenance, which was poorly executed,” the NLC said.

The union added that in line with its recent agreement with the government, it would be receiving updates in the next few days from affiliate unions in the petroleum sector and representatives in the electricity review committee.

The outcome of these engagements, labour said, would determine its next line of action in the coming days.

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