Nigeria: New 152 Coronavirus Cases Recorded, Two Deaths

According to the NCDC in Nigeria, new 152 cases were reported from nine states and two deaths.

The Infection disease agency said on Tuesday night that 152 new cases of Covid-19 reported and the total cases in the country now is 64,336, keeping it fifth on the list of African countries hit by the disease.

Nigeria is behind Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa. Nigeria total death toll is now 1,160 with the two new fatalities added to the tally.

Over 64,000 infections, about 60,333 persons have been discharged from hospitals after treatment, but about 3, 000 active cases remain in the country.

The 152 new cases were reported from nine states – Lagos (93), FCT (21), Oyo (15), Rivers (11), Bauchi (7), Kwara (2), Bayelsa (1), Edo (1), Plateau (1).

With 93 new infections on Tuesday, more than half of the daily tally, Lagos further stretched its lead on the number of infections to over 22,000, about a third of the country’s total.

Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, and the second-most impacted city with a total of over 6,000 cases also came second on Tuesday with 21 infections.

Nigeria has tested about 687,952 of its 200 million population and precaution is been taken to avoid second wave of coronavirus in the country.

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