NIGERIA: Subsidy Removal Defends By President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari defends the fuel price increase.

First year ministerial performance review retreat, as the president Muhammadu Buhari on Monday in the state house declared.

He open and expressed the willingness and determination of his administration to provide stable electricity to every home and industry.

President Buhari, was represented by Vice president Yemi Osinbajo explained the target of providing 11,000 megawatts by 2023 was realistic and realization.

By doing this, it would provide a lifeline for many businesses and improve the living conditions of many Nigerians.

According to the statement by the president’s spokesman, Mr. Femi Adesina said Buhari noted that increase in the price of electricity and deregulation of the petroleum sector were crucial decisions that was taken at the beginning of the year, ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said continuous delay in implementation of the policy of the “willing buyer, willing seller’’ and deregulation of the petroleum would be detrimental to the economy, placing the burden of regular light cuts and fuel queues on Nigerians.”

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