Nigerian Govt Accuses Of Attempts To Cover Up Lekki Massacre – Amnesty Int’l

A statement was issued on Wednesday by its Country Director, Osai Ojigbo, said Nigerian government know about what happened at Lekki shooting and trying to cover up.

But the rights group, Amnesty International has demanded that the FG government of Nigeria stop its move to cover up the Lekki toll gate shooting.

Presently the rights organisation has revealed a new timeline investigating the brutal attack that occurred in Lagos on October 20.

The statement by the group reads thus in full; “What happened at Lekki Toll Gate has all the traits of the Nigerian authorities’ pattern of a cover-up whenever their defense and security forces commit unlawful killings.

The Nigerian authorities have many questions to answer: who ordered the use of lethal force on peaceful protesters? Why were CCTV cameras on the scene dismantled in advance? And who ordered electricity being turned off minutes before the military opened fire on protesters?

And report claims that military prevented ambulance from reaching the severely injured in the aftermath, while many people still missing since the day of the incident.

Now, Amnesty International told Nigerian authorities to bring to justice those behind the shooting and to protect those who were exercising their right.

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