OMG! Meet The Hot Ivory Coast Curvy Girl Your Boyfriend Crushing On

Eudoxie Yao of Ivory Coast

We are only to show how endowed some girls are with big curvy shape, a best name to describe the curvy butt girl is sonsy, buxom, and is what most men admired now a days.

Eudoxie Yao is from Ivory Coast and is endowed with Big Curvy figure, and she has been leaving everyone speechless with her curvacious butt.

But she has come to say that she has the biggest butt on Instagram…but to say the facts, Yao is really got something called Buxom, humongous at her back.

While her big curvy butt measures 80 inches in circumference and I’m sure some Instagram competitors would definitely come out to challenge her.

See the photos below:

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