OMG! Two British Models Clash On Twitter As Davido’s Name Mentioned

A big scandal as Kenza says Eva made her look an escort during a trip to Greece, two bristis model clashed.

This happened as Nigerian singer Davido’s name got mentioned as two British models slammed each other on Twitter.

Kenza and Eva who are reported to be besties dragged each other on Twitter on Thursday, November 5, 2020, as they called each other out just because of jealousy and bitterness.

But according to Kenza, Eva once made her comes as a plus one during a trip to Mykonos in Greece and made her look like she is an escort.

She revealed that this matter happened even Eva knew that Davido had a pregnant baby mama. but she has taken down those tweets.

Model Eva went to ahead to share screenshots of the conversation she had with Model Kenza where they insulted each other on social media.

“You didn’t message me to move on, you messaged me Gchecking me. I’m not discussing this publicly again. Thank you for donating, very much appreciated. Anything further text me, i’m not giving this anymore energy publicly,” she tweeted.

The Nigerian singer, Davido has yet to reacts to any of this or tweets where he was accused of taking the models out on a trip while his fiancés was pregnant then.

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