Paris Close Bars And Cafes Over Surge Coronavirus Infection

Paris close bars and cafes amid covid-19

France is facing a tour time as the capital, Paris close bars and cafes on Tuesday for two weeks over rate of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths accelerating months after the lifting of a nationwide lockdown.

The rapid spread of the epidemic has caused so much problem but restaurants have been allowed to remain open.

But new rules on social distancing entered into force on Tuesday. There is no better option right now than to do what needed since the epidemic is moving too fast.

The Paris chief Didier Lallement told journalists on Monday that all bars and cafes will be closed on Tuesday.

Due to bars and cafes have continued to draw large crowds often and social distancing rules have not been universally adhered to, report claims.

Moore added that, In the city’s universities, classrooms and lecture auditoriums will be limited to 50 percent capacity.

The new record of 17,000 cases

Olivier Veran, the Health Minister announced last week that improved Covid-19 infection rates could prevent closure of the capital city’s trademark bars and cafes.

France has reported nearly 17,000 new coronavirus cases on Sunday alone, which is the highest daily number since the country began widespread testing.

Aurelien Rousseau, director of the ARS regional health agency said, For Paris, the number was about 3,500 new cases every day – with a high of nearly 6,000 recorded last Monday.

He said there were 203 active coronavirus “clusters” in the Paris Ile-de-France region.

Rousseau said about 40 percent of cluster cases originated in schools and universities, 26 percent in the workplace, and 10 percent from private gatherings – a number that has doubled since last month.

In other to end this, he urged inhabitants of Paris and its suburbs to go back to working from home as much as possible.

Pools and gyms in Paris would remain off-limits except for school activities, public gatherings would be limited also to 10 people.

While alcohol sales after 10pm will remain prohibited, and clients will be limited to one per four square metres in shopping malls, all this is part of the rule Lallement told journalist.

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