PARIS: Louvre Museum Reopens On Monday After Losses Over €40 million During Lockdown

Louvre in Paris

Louvre in Paris, the most visited museum and home to the Mina Lisa, will reopens on Monday but with the Covid-19 restrictions in place and not everywhere is to let visitors enter in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Louvre has been closed since the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak March 13 and this has caused a lot of loses of over 40 million euros,” its director Jean-Luc Martinez said.

He added, we have lost over 80 percent of our public, seventy-five percent of our visitors were foreigners.

“We will at best see 20 to 30 percent of our numbers recorded last summer — between 4,000 and 10,000 visitors daily at the most,” he said.

We have set out proper measure to take control of the spread, visitors will have to wear masks, there won’t be any snacks, cloakrooms available and the public will have to follow our rules when get to the museum.

Also, Positions have been marked in front of the Mona Lisa — where tourists routinely pose for selfies to ensure that there is social distancing.

France contributes 100 million euros ($112 million)to the Louvre’s 250-million-euro annual budget and the museum must make up the rest, according to experts.

In the Louvre museum, 45,000 square metres (about 485,000 square feet) – will be open to the public to make sure everything is going as plan.

After the success of its blockbuster Leonardo exhibition which closed earlier this year, the Louvre said its two exhibitions scheduled for spring and then postponed would now take place in the autumn.

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