PHOTOS: Hushpuppi acquire a new Rolls Royce automobile

The Instagram big boy Hushpuppi has celebrated the acquisition of a new automobile. Hushpuppi showed off a brand new white Rolls Royce on his social media page.

The big boy went ahead to pray against those waiting for him to be put to shame. Instagram big boy Hushpuppi has taken the delivery of a brand new Rolls Royce as he took to his Instagram page to show it off.

According to him, the new automobile is his. There is no doubt that Hushpuppi loves automobiles as he always flaunts different makers on his page. Meanwhile, it does not seem that the big boy, who describes himself as a real estate agent was affected by the coronavirus pandemic as many companies and business owners recorded some losses.

Celebrating the new acquisition online, Hushpuppi said a prayer to God for his fans and followers. He prayed that success and prosperity will not be a once upon a time story in their lives.

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