PHOTOS: More than just Fashion wears

Fashion is defined as “the cultural construction of the embodied identity.” As such, it encompasses all forms of self-fashioning, including street styles, as well as so-called high fashion created by designers and couturiers.

Fashion also alludes to the way in which things are made; to fashion something is to make it in a particular form. Most commonly, fashion is defined as the prevailing style of dress or behavior at any given time, with the strong implication that fashion is characterized by change.

According to research, we discovered that fashion is more beyond wearing clothes, civilization has change a lot…Model showcase different types of designer clothes and celebrities also display costume wears during video shoot.

Before we look at the next level of fashion trending in this generation, In fashion, “Editorial” would be a piece of clothing or an outfit that looks cool in a magazine, but isn’t necessarily wearable, and might attract weird stares if it were worn on the street.

Most people have been using Editorial wears for show, like Award night and so on…Editorial wears is sophisticated among others form of fashion. But at the same time is not every Editorial concept can be used publicly except for fashion show or magazine print.

Let’s look at some of the fashion style, concept trending in this generation….


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