Police Arrest Over 20 People Attempted To Hijack Protest – New York

Good morning! Here is today summary of what is happening from the US Presidential election.

Protesters stay outside the election center.

In Manhattan, some individuals attempted to hijack a peaceful protest was arrested as they throw garbage and eggs to destroyed the protest, New York Police Department says.

From more than the 20 people, NYPD said it confiscated knives and fireworks from some of the individuals.

Hundreds of people waving US flags and carrying signs that read, “Count every vote, every vote counts,” demonstrated peacefully at Washington Square Park after marching through midtown Manhattan on Wednesday.

Donald Trump Supporters Protest At Vote Counting Centre

Many of Trump supporters have converged on a vote counting centre in Phoenix, Arizona, chanting “We love Trump” and “Stop the Steal” after the president insisted that there were major problems with the voting and the ballot counting in several battleground states, without evidence.

An Arizona Republican, Congressman Paul Gosar and staunch Trump supporter, joined the crowd, declaring; “We’re not going to let this election be stolen. Period.”

Ballots counting were processed at the election center and the procedure was live-streamed online at all times.

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