Protesters And Army Clash Near Beirut’s Main Highway. See What Happened

As the angry Lebanon citizens keep protesting, they clashed with Army by main ring road near the city centre while continuing anti-government rallies, according to report.

The army attacked protesters with sticks, beating a large number of them, while demonstrators responded by throwing rocks at the troops.

“Take off the suit and come stand with us, then you can wear it again with honour,” a protester said as a number of them confronted a line of soldiers.

“Tell us what you get from being with them? We really don’t understand it, why are you doing this to us?”

The angry protesters claimed that the government is not treating them right and they have to fight for their right.

The total number of the protesters is about 10,000 according to report, the protesters tried to break through the barrier blocking a street leading to parliament.

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