Protesters Clash With Police Over New Coronavirus Curfew In Neples

Demonstrators protesting against the measures taken to control the novel coronavirus covid-19 pandemic face Italian anti-riot policemen in front of Campania region President Vincenzo De Luca’s headquarters in the city centre of Naples,

The deadly virus called coronavirus has been raging across the world whereby some country still battling with the virus pandemic.

According to reports. about hundreds of protesters in Naples threw projectiles at police and set rubbish bins on fire during demonstration against Covid-19 restriction on Friday in the southern Italian city.

About 20,000 new cases detected in the last 24 hours, as calls were issued on social media to risen up about a curfew that took effect in the Campania region ahead of the weekend.

Young protesters marched the regional capital and keep chanting as the curfew started at 11pm, with lighting smoke bombs on the street.

However, Vincenzo de Luca, the regional president called for stricter confinement measures to contain the virus in Campania, as they recorded up to 2,300 cases over the last day.

“We are on the verge of tragedy, we need a national lockdown,” he said.

According to health minitry, when the coronavirus surge, Italy was the first European country that badly got hit by the virus. total number of 500,000 cases and 37,000 deaths.

Watch the video below:

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