Question Of The Day: Do You Think Russia Covid-19 Vaccine Will Work?

Many testing have been going on since the outbreak of coronavirus, and there has been a global race to find a vaccine for the deadly virus raging the world.

However, scientist are so much worries that some countries maybe rushing the process and compromising safety. But the thing is that this vaccine of a thing need to be well examine very well, not just what we can rush to.

According to report, Russia president Vladimir Putin, earlier this week said his country has approved the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine.

Putin said it showed what he called “sustainable immunity” against the new coronavirus, adding that his own daughter was inoculated.

But mere looking at the situation, the Russia scientists and abroad are sceptical about the vaccine’s effectiveness.

While offering it to the public before the important final stage of testing could pose serious problems.

The question now is that will the Russia vaccine works.

This video below will give more details.

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