Records Of 157 New Cases Infection Reports In Nigeria

New reports of coronavirus cases in Nigeria as the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) record 157 new cases on Monday.

Nigeria managed to get over the coronavirus cases as they were able to turn things rounds in the country.

Out of 65,000 cases in total, about 61,162 persons have been discharged from hospitals after treatment, and remain 4000 cases to deal with.

The death toll remains 1,163 after zero deaths was recorded in the last 24 hours. reports claims that three out of every five deaths from the virus in Nigeria are in people over 50 years old, health agency said.

The 157 new cases were reported from nine states: Lagos (97), Oyo (37), Kaduna (9), Bayelsa (3), Edo (3), Ekiti (3), Ondo (2), Osun (2) and Plateau (1)

Lagos state, Nigeria’s coronavirus epicenter with over 22,000 infection, as new tally showed 97 new cases from there on Monday.

Presently, More than 705,000 of Nigeria’s have been tested out of 200 million population so far.

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