Reports: United State Responsible For Ferocity In Afghanistan – Taliban


From the previous meeting held in Tehran on Monday with two other members of the Taliban Central Negotiating Council, The Taliban spokesman explained some point during the interview that caused the escalation of violence in Afghanistan in recent months inter-Afghan talks.

He added that during the talks, United States vows that they are responsible for Kabul’s security and administration. Therefore the Americans are responsible for any increase in ferocity in Afghanistan.

The Taliban spokesman further explained that it was the Americans who made the increase in attacks on Taliban forces, then we return forced to defend ourselves.

Now, the United States attribute all the attacks their proxy forces carry out in Afghanistan to the Taliban.

With the situation on the ground, he pointed to the main reasons behind reaching a deadlock in peace talks between Taliban and Afghan’s condition for Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani’s resignation and still insists that his group believes in peace talks.

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