Reserves Right To Target US Interests In Iraq – Al-Nujaba Says

After the US terrorist airstrikes on the Syrian border’s resistance position, Iraq’s al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement warned that it reserves the right to attack the US interests on Iraqi soil.

The resistance now reserves the right to set its own goals since all previous agreements with the government are annulled. Nasr al-Shammari told Al-Mayadin.

This led to criticizing the Iraq government for not explaining the recent attack in the country, as Al-Nujaba spokesman warned.

Then it added that “If the government refuses to reveal the identity of the mercenary elements, the Islamic Resistance will be obliged to deal with those who passed al-Hashd al-Shabi’s information to the United States.”

Two American F-15E Strike Eagles dropped seven precision-guided munitions on facilities early on Friday, which the anti-terror groups used in the city of Abu-Kamal near the Iraqi border.

The Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby claimed that Iraqi investigative and intelligence work “helped lead to these successful strikes,” but he later retracted his claims.

Iraq’s Defense Ministry expressed surprise at the US claims about intelligence cooperation with Baghdad before Friday’s strike, the statement revealed.

It added that Iraq’s ties with the US-led coalition forces are restricted to the fight against the ISIL terrorist group as they were doing all possible means to preserve their independence and sovereignty. 

The Iraqi Interior Ministry also rejected the US claims, saying the cooperation with the coalition only focused on boosting Iraqi security forces’ capabilities in policing works.

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