Revealed: See Why Lagos Helicopter Crash, AIB Releases Report

AIB revealed the Lagos helicopter crashed causes.

The report of accident involving a Bell 206B III helicopter with nationality and registration marks 5N-BQW, operated by Quorum Aviation Limited (QAL), has been revealed by the Nigeria Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB.

This occurred at Opebi area, Lagos, on August 28, of this year, while the helicopter crashed onto the root of a building and a wall fence at Opebi area of Ikeja Lagos.

But AIB reports shows that the chopper had no capacity to jettisoning fuel, because there was no fuel left in its tanks after the crash.

Another report claims that the pilot proficiency check had expired, and no indication or evidence showing that the pilot had applied for exemption provided by the NCAA’s All Operators letter.

AOL, DG020/20, neither was there evidence of an application for the exemption provided by the AOL DG018/20 for proficiency check.

The technical logbook entry revealed that there was an engine run for 10 minutes and a test flight of 20 minutes while preparing for flight in the next day. Report revealed that the chopper was topped to full tank capacity on August 27 and after refueling, 10 minutes of engine run and 20 minutes of test flight were carried out on the same day at Port Harcourt.

The helicopter was fitted with a range-extender fuel system. No fuel jettisoning capability on this helicopter.

AIB said the helicopter had an endurance of 3:24 hours. operational flight plan filed by the pilot indicated an endurance of 3:15 hours and an estimated flight time of 2:45 hours.

While the helicopter engine started at 09:15 hour, and it took off at 09:20 hour and later crashed at 12:14 hour.

When they investigate, they discovered that no fuel left in the fuel tanks after the crash. The mast and main rotor blades were found intact during the post-crash inspection.” On the crew: “The pilot’s last medical examination was valid till August 6, 2020.

And there was no tangible evidence to show that an application for the exemption provided by the All Operators Letter AOL DG020/20 had been submitted to the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

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