Ronaldinho Finally Released From Paraguay Detention

Ronaldinho with officer after he was released

Ronaldinho who is a former Brazil super star was released on Monday by a paraguyan judge after five months in detention over a forged passport he used.

According to report, Ronaldinho’s brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira also released by Judge Gustavo Amarilla, as he had also been held for a month in jail and another four months under house arrest in a hotel in paraguay’s capital, Asuncion for the same charge.

The 40-year-old former World Cup winner “is free to travel to whatever country in the world he wants but he must inform us if he changes his permanent residence” for a period of one year, the judge said.

Ronaldinho accepted the terms of his release, which include payment of $90,000 damages. His brother, who is also Ronaldinho’s business manager, must pay $110,000.

However, the pair are expected to appear before a judge in Brazil every three months, Ronaldinho for a year while his brother for two years.

Amarilla accepted a recommendation by four prosecutors to avoid the need for an oral trial.

Prosecutors did not believe Ronaldinho took part in the plan to manufacture the fake Paraguayan passports but believed de Assis Moreira was aware that the passports were false.

They were later taken into police custody when investigators raided their hotel following the discovery they had fake documents.

After being held in a police station in Asuncion, where Ronaldinho celebrated his 40th birthday on March 21, the two men had been under house arrest for more than four months in a luxury hotel in the capital, on bail of $1.6 million.

Other 18 people have been arrested in connection with the case, most of them immigration officials or police officers.

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