See 4 Awesome Trends Women Over 45 Wearing Now

Let’s look at a digestible roundup of stunning trends, some of the ladies ahead are the queens of dressing to the nines day in and day out.

when talking of fashion and style, age is irrelevant and the below images will prove exactly as when it comes to the women’s style featured here.

In this context, stunning doesn’t have to mean unapproachable or fancy, instead the stunning nature of each trend is revealed in the little things like the architectural chain strap on a handbag or the rich-looking addition of a milky white coat. scroll down to see the over 45 women fashion trends.

“Tissue” Tops

The longer you look at “tissue” tops, the more stunning they become. Their visibly delicate nature makes them eye-catching for more reasons than one. As a wearer, your outfit options are endless, as these thin stylish layering pieces will go with almost anything.


’80s Glam


Luxurious Links


Milky Coats 

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