See Why 2 Indonesian Runs Girls Was Flogged 100 Strokes Of Cane

So many Indonesians gathered on Monday to witness 2 runs girls as they were flogged 100 times for advertising their runs business online.

Aceh, at the tip of Sumatra is the only region in Indonesia to implement sharia law by allowing flogging for offences like runs business and adultery in the country.

The two runs girls were publicly whipped 100 times each for selling rendering “runs” services online, this was said on Tuesday by an official in the country’s conservative Aceh province.

Anything runs, gambling, drinking alcohol, adultery and same gender love was not allow in Sumatra, as the only region in Indonesian to impose Islamic sharia law, which allows flogging for the offences.

The two hijab-wearing suspects were arrested in March along with five other “runs girls”, who will also likely face flogging if found guilty of violating Islamic law, said Aji Asmanuddin, head of Langsa’s Islamic sharia agency.

‘This is the first (pimping) case in Langsa although we believe there are many of them out there,’ Asmanuddin said.

‘We just don’t have the necessary tools to monitor them online.’ but the rights groups have slammed public caning as cruel, and Indonesia’s president joko Widodo has called for it to end.

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