Settlement Made As Washington Man Shot In Leg During Raid Gets $1.25M

According to reports, with damages claim Jerad Wooten filed against the county, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office in Washington has now agreed to pay $1.25 million, as he was shot in the knee by a deputy during a SWAT team raid at a residence in Bonney Lake.

Jerad Wooten, 37, who suffered a fractured kneecap and his medical bills reached over $136,000.

But, after the case was solved, one of Wooten’s attorneys, Erik Heipt, said they were happy with the settlement and the county deserves credit for taking the claim seriously.

It was revealed how the incident happened, as Jerad Wooten was sitting outside his friend’s house smoking a cigarette in January 2018 and 17 law enforcement officers arrived to search the house.

The incident report said, Wooten remained seated while Officers yelled commands at them and was shot by Deputy Phil Wylie, who reported Wooten was holding a razor blade.

After the investigation, no other officer saw a razor blade and Wooten’s fingerprints did not appeared on the blade that was found on the ground in the area.

And the sheriff’s department’s Board of Professional Standards ruled 8-1 in November 2018 that the shooting was “not reasonable to the actions of Wooten.”

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