Spike in Nigeria virus cases could halt full reopening plans

As the virus keep increasing in Nigeria most especially in some states like Lagos, Kano, FCT and so on.

The economy is down and the government is trying all the possible means to get the economy back on track, but without full reopening of the border, airport, seaport, school, and others things that made economy grow the economic crisis and recession will keep increasing…

Every state government across Nigeria is urging their citizens to wear masks and said that additional measure are going to be necessary. but with the look of things in Nigeria, Covid-19 is increasing everyday by day and government have orders Churches or Synagogue, Mosques to open but base on the guideline, apart from school that yet to open back.

75% of citizen is experiencing hunger and in no time people will start complaining, everything has risen due to instance rise of dollar.

Vaccine are yet to be discover and the spike in cases highlights the tightrope Nigeria navigating between their economy functioning and minimizing business closures and stemming further outbreaks until a vaccine is developed.

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