The 2021 SUV Finalist Cadillac Escalade Motor

The 2021 Cadillac Escalade takes every criticism leveled at both itself and the Cadillac brand head-on and comes away with barely a scratch.

Cadillac has been given license to deliver a truly wonderful interior. This Escalade’s interior is exactly what we’ve been asking for—and what we’ve known Cadillac is capable of.

Cadillac’s inspired use of a woven, linen like fabric on the door cards and lower dashboard surfaces is one of the best interior design features we’ve seen in years.

In places most luxury automakers are content to fill with (nice) plastic, Cadillac has brought both aesthetic and tactile value.

The expert application of wood complements the clever use of fabric. The exquisite parquet inlays stretching across the dash, doors, and center console are the kind of thing we’re used to seeing only in considerably more expensive hand-built vehicles.

Let’s see the Pro and Cons with the photos below: 


  • Elegant interior
  • Class-leading tech
  • Unabashed style


  • Chevy parts here and there
  • Retrograde fuel economy

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