The Killers Of 100 Level UNIBEN Student Suspected By Police Parade

Vera Uwaila Omozuwa. She was attacked in church in May, 2020.

The 100 level UNIBEN student who killed about some month ago by unknown killer has been suspected by police on Wednesday evening.

Police parade suspected some killers involved in the killing of 100 level University of Benin student, Vera Uwaila Omozuwa. She was attacked in church in May, 2020, where she had gone to read.

After the incident Vera later dies in the hospital. Johnson Kokumo, Commissioner of Police identified the suspects as Nelson Ogbebor, Akato Valentine, Mrs Tina Samuel, Mrs Mary Ade, Nosa Osabohien and Collins Ulegbe.

The name listed were the six suspected people who killed Vera in May in year 2020.

Commissioner of police said, “The matter was a great concern to the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Muhammed Adamu who sent to us here in Benin, Homicide experts to work with our policemen at the state criminal investigation department.

He added, all what we are seeing this present day, is a result of the uniting efforts of the police to get at the root of the crime and am announcing to you and making public through this medium that the perpetrators have been arrested.

After investigation, the postmortem results had actually confirmed that she was raped.

The Police Commissioner, Mr Johnson Kokumo said the police had been able to recover size-able number of arms that would have been used to disrupt the Edo 2020 gubernatorial election. According to him.

The Edo State Police Command will continue to ensure that we recover all arms and ammunition that are in private hands so that the Edo 2020 will be held in an atmosphere of peace.”

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