The One-Off Roofless Lamborghini SC20 You Can’t Buy

Rich life can be so sweet to acquire any luxury cars, but in times of this third bespoke creation from Lambo’s Squadra Corse crew, you probably need to work hard to buy it.

Note that, you-the one with a sleeve of diamond-encrusted platinum, fancy some bugs in your teeth and some medium-to-severe tinnitus?

Yeah? Well, you’re going to have to find some other way to both blow those hair implants out and one-up the 500-odd losers with the mass-produced Ferrari Monza SP, ’cause Lamborghini’s only making one of the new roadstertastic SC20 and You. Can’t. Have. It.

This Lamborghini’s squadra corse motorsports division is the third creation, and while first is the wild SC18 Alston from 2018.

The second was the Essenza SCV12 track car from earlier this year. Now, the SC18 is essentially a heavily rebodied Aventador SVJ, with the principle design and engineering undertaken by the same folks who handle the successful GT3 and Super Trofeo race cars, dramatically increasing the base SVJ’s downforce and on-track performance and giving it some serious Sesto Elemento vibes.

Gallery of the Lamborghini SC20

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