The risk from fleeing without mission – Refugees

As everyone knows what refugee is and what make people to flee from their destination to another country.

This is not the first time you will be hearing the word refugee but at the same time let’s dig deep about it and the effect or risk of fleeing without mission.

I know a lot of thinking will be going through your mind base on the refugee fleeing without mission, yes, most people don’t know what it entails or the procedure involve to flee when you don’t have any source to survive when you flee to another country, some flee without any cogent reason but they also want to flee just because their neighbor flee.

To cut the story short, let us see the effect of fleeing without proper arrangement or having the resources required, i know we believe the resources is money.

Meaning of refugee: A refugee is a person who flee due to war or violence in the country and that’s made them flee from their home country.

Let’s see the type of Refugee, why they flee and the risk.

1. Internally Displaced Persons

2. Returnees

3. Religious or Political Affiliation

4.Asylum Seekers

Why people flee?

Majorly, if we are to look at it with this current pandemic, 65% has flee back to their home country duel to they were stranded, throughout history, humans have fleed their homes in search of something better. The number of refugees has increased drastically in recent years.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war and persecution have traveled from one continent to another. Arduous journeys and poor living conditions are causing myriad health problems and access to basic healthcare is extremely limited for those on the move.

So, what are we now saying exactly, lack of unemployment, lack of infrastructural sector and so many more can cause people to flee, and fleeing in wrong way can lead to slavery.

Risk of fleeing without having mission and resources to live. We are to list some point here…

1. Finding employment

2. Finding affordable housing

3. Communities attitude

4. Language and communication barrier

5. Racism and discrimination

6. Financial difficulties

7. visa insecurity (temporary visa holders)

Young people face particular challenges because of their age and experiences. They carry the scars of war and displacement with them.

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