The U.S Army Infantry Vehicle Combat Carpool To See

This Army infantry vehicle combat carpool have mostly been getting around on foot, and trust me this time around it about to get a radical upgrade in the form of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2-based Infantry Squad Vehicle.

Now, military runs mostly on diesel fuel and the chemically similar to JP-8 and F-24 fuels, means the  ZR2’s 2.8-liter turbodiesel inline four-cylinder engine is modified to sense and adjust for these fuels automatically.

This combat carpool is base for military and the modification is not different from soldiers vehicle.

Usage and maintenance patterns are quite different. A stock Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 needs to be capable of enduring 20,000 miles per year for a decade with potentially spotty maintenance.

The engine induction sound is also quite amusing, because the intake snorkel draws air from the front passenger foot well, amplifying the turbocharger waste gate noises. Soldiers who grew up honing a side-by-side around their farm’s back forty will fight for the driver seat and may struggle to resist the urge to take the ISV out on solo “missions.”

It’s powered by the gas V-6, so it is always revving higher than the diesel, and with a pro driver at the helm it was just as drifty as I’d managed to make the ISV, but it didn’t feel any faster.

See photos below;

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