Thousands Hit The High Street In London – Lockdown 3.0

According to the reports, thousand of people hit the street in England on Saturday since the second national lockdown lifted, and meanwhile all these lockdown is due to coronavirus raging across the world.

But London Mayor Sadiq Khan has hereby urged the shoppers to return, and another major concerns is safety.

Looking at the photos capture, it could be seen how Hordes of people filled up town centres in places like Colchester, York and Bournemouth, and as families scouted for deals during their Christmas shop.

The relaxed Covid-19 restrictions under the new tiring system came into force on Wednesday, as queues formed along London’s Oxford Street.

Joining them was London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who took the time to take selfies with people at the popular shopping destination.

And he said, everyone have seen how things turn, they had a horrendous nine months, they seen the collapse of international tourism, collapse of domestic tourism, and that is the reason why they all need our support.

However, concerns over safety have been raised as thousand gathered outside popular shops and along narrow streets.

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