Thousands Of People Protest In Belarus Over Authoritarian President’s Ouster

Thousands Of People Protest In Belarus Over Authoritarian President’s Ouster.

According to report, despite police detentions about 100,000 protest in Belarus capital for the authoritarian president’s ouster.

Some of the protesters wear cardboard crown to ridicule him, on Sunday the protest which have been happening for some times now marked their 50th consecutive day.

While the protest also happened in some other nine cities, showing the wide extent of dismay and angel with President Alexander Lukashenko, due to stifled opposition and independent news media during 26 years in power.

After presidential election, that officials said gave Lukashenko a sixth term in office with a crushing 80% of the vote.

The protest began then and the opposition and some poll workers say the results were manipulated.

However, Lukashenko has defied calls for him to step down and many prominent members of a council formed with the aim of arranging a transfer of power have been arrested or have fled the country.

About 200 demonstrators were arrested throughout the country on Sunday,  as the police and troops blocked off the center of the city with armored vehicles and water cannons.

The word “Naked Kind” came out from the angry protesters who braved rain and strong winds when they marched.

The Lukashenko’s main election opponent, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, give kudos to the people who support the progress of president ousters.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, hereby urged all the protesters not to let their energies flag.

“Today is the 50th day of our protest and the Belarusian people have again come out on the streets,” she said in a statement from Lithuania, where she went into exile after the election.

“We have come to stop this regime and we will do this peacefully. She added.

“Democracy is the power of the people. The entire people are stronger than one man,” she said.

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