Tokyo Prepare For One Year Countdown Over Olympic Games

Tokyo Games organisers prepare for one-year countdown

The organisers for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are preparing a day of celebrations to mark a year to the start of the games, which are now due to be held in July 2021 after the coronavirus pamdemic outbreak delay.

According to report, the postponement has raised concerns about cost, as well as the well being and safety of the athletes and spectators including the people that will come for the Olympic games, a recent poll conducted by Kyodo News found that fewer than one in four favored holding the Games as scheduled next year.

The best option is to postpone the Olympic games to next year as the Covid-19 keep circulating around the World, but one-third believed the Olympic should be postpone again and another third wanted the Games cancelled outright.

The IOC and Japanese government were forced to take the unprecedented decision to postpone the Olympics for a year.

Since then, all 42 venues for the Games have been secured and the competition schedule announced, with the opening ceremony set to take place at the 156.9 billion yen ($1.44bn) National Stadium on July 23, 2021.

The head of the IOC’s Coordination Commission, John Coates, has said rearranging the Games meant focusing on the “must-haves” in a simplified event.

Tokyo 2020 Chief Executive Toshiro Muto says more than 200 simplification measures are under consideration.

What has yet to be decided is how much rearranging the Games is going to cost the Japanese taxpayer.

The IOC has said its share of the costs will be some $800m, but organisers have repeatedly refused to put a number on the final bill.

Organisers have said all efforts will be made to ensure the 11,000 athletes will be able to travel safely to Tokyo and compete in world-class surroundings.

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