TRAGIC: Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs Ambush And Got Shot

Two Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs Ambush And Got Shot on Saturday night.

According to report, two Los Angeles deputies sheriffs were injured as unidentified gunman fired them inside their patrol car in an apparent ambush.

The two county sheriff’s deputies were sitting inside their patrol car when the incident occurred, when a person approached and opened fired through the passenger window all of a sudden, authorities said.

Report claims that the incident took place on Saturday night, a 24-year-old man and 31-year-old woman officers boarded their car near a metro rail station in the city about 7pm (02:00 GMT).

However, a video was posted to the sheriffs department’s Twitter account showed a figure approach the vehicle as the gunman open fire through the passenger side and ran away.

The deputies, who had graduated from the academy 14-months earlier, were able to radio for help. Both underwent surgery on Saturday.

The United State president, Donald Trump, who has been running a campaign increasingly reliant on a “law and order” he retweeted a video of the incident, writing: “Animals that must be hit hard!”

While Joe Biden, who is a Democratic challenger tweeted this as “cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva, whose department has been criticised during recent protests over racial injustice, expressed frustration over anti-police sentiment as he urged people to pray for the officers at a late-night news conference.

Investigation is going on over the matter…as captain kent Wegener said of the suspect at a new conference that they have a very generic description.

Some group of protesters gathered outside the emergency room where the deputies being treated.

The sheriff’s department explained that some group of protested blocked the entrance and the exit and chanted “We hope they die”.

At least one man was taken into custody at the protest, and a woman, later identified by the LAist news site as reporter Jose Huang, was arrested and later released.

The situation is very critical right now, and hope things turns good.

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