Travel Ban As Lorry Queues Grow In Dover

EU set to meet over UK trade ban, as lorry queues grow in Dover. Reports claimed that France and its EU neighbors are scrambling to thrash out a coordinated plan in response to a new strain of Covid-19.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the economic to fall and blocked trade and air travel to the UK and left hundreds of freight trucks banked up outside the border with France.

Presently, the new reports revealed that, at the British port of Dover, there about hundreds of trucks are queued at a near standstill before many are turned away after the EU on Sunday stop trade and travel amid the emergence of a new coronavirus strain.

However, chaos have been unleashed for travellers over the mutated strain, and producers and freight companies with fears of major disruptions to supply chains just ahead of Christmas.

Now, many drivers stranded in Dover and there is nothing to do but to wait….EU will meet with UK for the travel ban.

Watch the video below.

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