Update: Biden To Return To JCPOA As 50 Former Diplomats Pen Letter

Update: Biden To Return To JCPOA As 50 Former Diplomats Pen Letter

According to the regional and world experts recently wrote a letter to the United States President-elect Joe Biden, saying that the next American administration should alleviate sanctions imposed against Islamic Republic of Iran and immediately get back to JCPOA, fifty former diplomats say.

The name of those former diplomats open letter to Biden is Peter Jenkins, Former British Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), John Lambert, former US diplomat in Iran, Mark Fitzpatrick, former US official, Gary Sick, a government official at former US President Jimmy Carter and Stephen Walt a well-known international affairs analyst and some other regional and world experts have at this moment expressed their full support for Joe Biden’s commitment to abandon Trump administration’s failed policy.

It is clear now that the Trump administration’s approach has dramatically failed, and Joe Biden now has the task of compensating for Trump’s harmful policies, another letter shows.

Taking immediate action to bring the United States of America back to JCPOA is the best thing and adhere to it.

JCPOA was withdrawn in May 2018 from the incumbent United States President Donald Trump.

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