Update: Biden Urges Patience As Trump Repeats Unproven Fraud Claim

Donald Trump claims fraud from the election without any evidence maybe is being rigged by Democrats, as Biden closes the gap in key battleground states.

Joe Biden Gains Ground On Trump In Georgia And Pennsylvania

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden have gained more ground on President Donald Trump in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia.

There is 20 electoral votes in Pennsylvania, and Biden has cut Trump’s lead to just over 18,000 by the early hours of Friday, while Georgia has 16 electoral votes, shrunk to about 650.

But those numbers were expected to continue to move in Biden’s favor, as many of the outstanding ballots from areas that typically vote Democratic, including the cities of Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Biden saw his lead in Arizona shrink to around 47,000 by early on Friday and he was still ahead in Nevada by 12,000 votes.

But reports shows that Trump’s lead in Georgia is down at 665 votes.

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