Update: India In Big Problem As Covid-19 Infection Surge To 5.4 Million

India coronavirus cases hit 5.4 million

Report claims that India’s federal health ministry reported a new infection in the last 24 hours, with total of 92,605, while the overall cases hit 5.4 million – second to United State.

The new death reported is 1,113, taking the death toll to 86,752 closing to about 1.6 percent of all cases.

Indonesia reports 3,989 new infections

Doctors examining people on the road in Indonesia

New report of coronavirus cases from Indonesia is 3,989, while all the total cases is 244,676, the country’s health ministry new data showed.

Death is 105 taking the total to 9,553, which is the biggest death toll in Southeast Asia.

Italy reports 1,638 COVID-19 cases

The Italy government show coronavirus data from the heath ministry as new cases reported, 1,638, bringing the number of cases to more 297,000.

Data showed the death which is 24, with the total toll rising to 35,692, the second highest in Europe next to UK.

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