Update: Joe Biden Garners Most Votes Ever As He Set New Record

Barack Obama, the former US President earned 69,498,516 votes in 2018, and his Vice President Joe Biden who contest for US Presidential election now as break the record as Biden got 70,427,609.

But hours after voting came to a close in the US elections, the official in the battleground state of Pennsylvania said it could take days to count all the remaining ballots, which means final result can’t be expected on Wednesday.

According to reports, only about 50 percent of the state’s mail votes have been counted so far, Pennsylvania commonwealth secretary of the state kathy Boockvar said.

Donald Trump had a solid lead in the state before noon local time (17:00 GMT), but the Democratic candidate Joe Biden could still win as mail ballots are likely to skew blue in the end.

The election went smoothly with no major issues. “We said it was going to take some time to count the mail ballots.”

Tomorrow is another day and the mail ballots will continue..

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