Update: The Fate Of Americans Lines On This Election, Biden Or Trump?

Gisthubcity News reports the latest record of votes today, as over 100 million Americans voted early, that’s about 70 percent turnout for the election, now it falls to Election Day voters to finish the job.

The former First Lady Michelle Obama made a final appeal to Black Americans to vote for Joe Biden.

She showed the picture through her Twitter when the former Vice President kneeling while talking to a young child.

She wrote; “He understands the struggles of everyday folks. “Vote today for the future you want to see for our country.”

Also, the US Representative Ilhan Omar, posted a video on Twitter while urging people to vote.

Saying they need to restore the Democrats, as this is not about ourselves, but for the community and the country.

Read the tweet below;

We are looking forwards to the results, great America.

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