US Election Is Going But What Are Battleground States For The Two Candidates?

The major issues the two candidate facing now is battleground states, because some certain states regularly vote Democratic or Republican.

So, those states are given less attention by president candidates than the states where polling is very close.

The battleground states, known as “swing state” or “toss-up” states, of which there are about a dozen every four years, hold disproportionate sway in US presidential elections.

But according to election analysts, battleground states were consider the margin of victory is expected to be fewer than five percentage points.

With the early report on November 2, over 94 million Americans had already cast their ballots either by in-person early voting or by mail.

While the early voting numbers in both Texas and Hawali are higher in total overall voter turnout in 2016.

Here is what the electoral map looks like at the moment:

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