What You Need To Know About 7 Day Law Of Attraction Guide

7 Day Law Of Attraction Guide

When you begin applying the law of attraction, note that, it can feel like it
would take some months or even years to manifest the lifestyle of your dreams
but trust me. Be Cool and relaxed, with these steps am about to list then you
can start manifestations in just 7 days!

Day 1
Choose what to Manifest:

First make a clear decision on what it is you want, remember that nobody will
decide for you. so..start off with something small to lay the foundations of
your dreams.

Day 2

What does visualization means, is an extremely powerful tool, and you need to
understand the steps…so…write down 3 scenarios that you want to visualize.
This will help focus your energy for your specific desire.

Day 3

Try to come up with a set of affirmations in relation to your goal and write
them out. The next step, whenever you can repeat this set of affirmations and
with this you are going towards your aim.

Day 4
Take Steps:

You need to start thinking about what physical steps you can be taking to move
towards your goal. Taking action is a crucial part of aligning yourself with
the magic of the Law of Attraction.

Day 5
Give Back:

As the old saying goes “What comes around goes around”. Where can you be of
service to someone else? this section is very important because you need to
make something out of it. Banking up some good karma raise your vibration.

Day 6
Stay Positive:

Negative self-talk and the opinions of others may show themselves as a
distraction from your goals. it’s important to stay positive and focused on
your manifestation.

Day 7
Be open to signs and opportunities:

By the time day 7 comes around the universe should start throwing some serious
signs and opportunities in your direction!

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